Supply and Demand

There’s 2 men lost in the woods, starving. They both have faith that God will provide, but A is more self centered whereas B is more God centered.

Lord: You guys are hungry.

A & B
: Yes Lord, we are. 

: What do you want me to do for you?

: Lord, I am not too good that I can’t eat insects to survive. I will do anything to stay alive for you. Your will be done. 

Lord: What do you want? What would you like?

: I want your will to be done. That is my greatest desire. Even more than this pesky hunger. I would rather suffer than eat like a rich man, so that you may be glorified. Give me grub worms. (1)

Lord: It is as you say. (Suddenly, the log next to where A&B were sitting bursts forth, flowing richly in grub worms.)

B: Lord, I am not too good that I cannot eat insects to survive, but if you’re asking me what I want, then I’d rather not eat worms. Since you’re Son told me to ask for anything in His name, and that I would have it, then I must ask in His name for a cheeseburger and fries, and maybe something to wash it down. And I know that it is your will that I should ask. May the Son glorify your name this day! In Jesus’ name, so be it.

Lord: It is as you say. (From out of nowhere, 6 cheeseburgers, 6 fry sides, and a gallon of tea(2) fall from above right into B’s lap).

Knowing also the Lord’s will concerning others, B turns and offers A half of his recent inheritance, and says, “have faith in God.”

See, even though A asked for grub worms and got them, he was still shown mercy by God’s sovereign will.(3) He ate cheeseburgers that night; he ate like a king. Have some faith. Jesus has all the supplies to meet your demands, if you will only ask. 

(1). I use grub worms here, and I realize that they may be a delicacy elsewhere. However, I use it to represent a low and detestable-to-the-pallet sensation. But it’s not just a metaphor, as one could actually ask for these.

(2). I use fast-food items here to represent something that people could eat in the comfort of their own homes while watching a movie. But It’s not just a metaphor, as one could actually ask for these. 

(3) God’s will consists of His precepts and His decrees. His precepts are the standard for human behavior, while His decrees determine that which comes to pass. Some declare, “God’s will, God’s will”, but they only mean it in the decretive sense, forgetting that God’s will precepts men to have faith, to ask, and to receive.